Style your Home and Oily Life with Rose Rack Boutique

I'm a pretty picky person.

I'm picky about how I style my home. I'm picky about designs. I'm even picky about how I carry my oils out in public.

So when my girlfriend Krystal Rackley started designing and creating mantle designs, banners, party decorations, and now essential oil carry bags - I pretty much freaked out.

Krystal and I both like pretty things, cute things, things that look fashionable and things that are functional. And once I got a glimpse of everything she had designed in her Etsy shop Rose Rack Boutique, it was like I came across EXACTLY what I was looking for in my home and in my oily life.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Here's also a little fun fact about me - I'm a self-proclaimed MacKenzie Child's addict. I love all things black and white courtly check. So, when I asked Krystal if she did custom designs with her banners - she said YES!

Even if the banners you see on her website aren't exactly what you have in mind, she can create what you're looking for to the tee - and create it even better than you have it pictured in your own head.

And when it comes to essential oil bags - just CHECK THESE OUT.

Like - oh my goodness.

Easily my favorite carry bags out of ALL of them I've ever seen made throughout the years.

Not only are the designs beyond adorable, they are extremely functional. The elastic bands inside the bag can fit your 15ml bottles, and still have plenty of room in the center to carry your Thieves spray, hand purifier, lip balm, keys, or cell phone.

Now, obviously I'm sharing this with you because that's what I do - I tell you about my faves. BUT, I'm also sharing this with you because everything is also on BIG TIME SALE.

For anything your little heart desires to order from her online boutique, you can get 10% off by using promo code HANNAH10. And, if you want to order one of her UNBELIEVABLY CUTE essential oil carry bags, she will give you FREE SHIPPING on orders placed on or before July 1st, baby! 

Cute house. Cute oily bag. Cute boutique. Cute sale. 

Everything an oily momma could ever want!

Click here to get 10% off and free shipping on or before July 1st with promo code HANNAH10.

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