The Silver Lining: How to Quickly Reach Silver in Young Living

When you think of a “silver lining,” you think of:



Something that is attainable.

A feeling that pure bliss is just around the corner.

So let’s look on the bright side, my oily friends. What’s one of the most sought after goals for every new Young Living distributor?

You guessed it. Hitting “SILVER.”

Everyone who loves Young Living like I do has only dreamed of getting that Aroma Complete… nearly $2,000 worth of only the finest essential oils in the world. So what am I here to tell you? STOP DREAMING, PEOPLE! It’s not an “if only” or an “I wish,” it’s an “I can, and I will!”

It’s time to make this dream a reality, and I will tell you how. I will also tell you how to not only make this goal in 6 months, but to do so in 1 month. Here’s how we were able to do just that, and how we took advantage of every angle, resource, and avenue possible to accomplish it.

1) Embrace your Leadership

Starting on this Young Living journey was something I could not have done alone. Without our upline support guiding us, coaching us, and encouraging us along the way, we would have never seen the potential that this company had on changing our family’s financial future. And little did I know, they were not only teaching us the ins-and-outs of all things Young Living, but I was also learning to be a leader myself.

We have come to realize why Young Living has chosen the network marketing route to promote their products, because most people need guidance in using essential oils. How many of us would have known exactly what to do, which oil to use, how to use it, where to put it, or to utilize them to their full effectiveness? Unless you’re a super-genius, I think you would be like everyone else – lost.

The information overload is very intimidating at first. So because of this, Young Living has made sure that people buy their starter kits from someone they know, someone they trust, someone they feel free to talk to, ask questions, and share comments and discussions. And whether you like it or not, if you are a Young Living distributor and you get people to buy a starter kit as a wholesale member, you immediately step into that leadership role. So embrace it, and learn how to drive yourself and your team to heights that you never thought possible.

2) Hold Regular Essential Oil Classes

The highest success rate in getting people to sign up with a wholesale membership is during an Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils class. Although our world is slowly (and sadly) shying away from person-to-person, face-to-face contact, these personal group meetings are still the number one way to get people to sign up. And, if you want to hit Silver, you must be willing to hold these meetings regularly.

We also realized that in order for us to hit our goal quickly, we needed to travel. And a LOT. Now, I’m not saying you HAVE to travel from sea to shining sea in order to hit Silver in a month. However, I am saying that it worked that way for us. Between August and September of 2013, we taught or helped host over 10 home meetings in 6 different cities. 5 of them in Texas, 1 of them in Arkansas. And at every one of those classes, there was between a 60% and 100% successful sign-up rate.

How do you get these meetings booked? If you have a new wholesale member that has signed up under you, immediately offer to hold an introduction class for them at their home. Tell them to invite their friends, and for every friend who signs up with a Premium Starter Kit, the host could earn $50 per sign up. If this host lives in a different city, and it means that you’d have to travel a distance to do so, and if you have the capability to do it - then book it.

3) Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is POWERFUL. So powerful, that another majority of people who I've personally enrolled are friends of mine on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Never underestimate the fact that many people are willing to ask, read information, inquire, and sign up all electronically, without ever having to call them on the phone or meet with them in person.

Posting your love for Young Living via social media on how these products improved your family’s wellness is also very crucial. This way, it reaches a broad spectrum of people; you never know who is willing to give the oils a try.

We first started out by genuinely posting our love for Young Living via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We simply shared with people how we used these oils in our daily lives, expressed our gratefulness, and declared our level of wellness with the world. Almost immediately, it was message, after message, after message, after message of people wanting to know more about the oils and products. As our businesses started to grow, we created a closed Facebook support group solely for our downline members to post their comments and questions. It became a sort of community, where someone in the group would respond to every post almost instantaneously. Having this group built morale, created camaraderie, and formed relationships that we never had before.

In short, don’t discredit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube in growing your business. You may be surprised who is willing to give the oils a shot.

4) Identify your Business Builders

As you start signing folks up underneath you, you’ll begin to notice when someone starts sharing these oils with others, too. Once someone under you has started to enroll their own members with starter kits, you’ve been officially blessed with a potential business builder. In order to hit Silver, you MUST have at least two really good business builders, sharing their love of YL with others just like you are.

A business builder must also have the drive to understand the business aspect of Young Living, as well as product knowledge. As a leader, you must continue to feed that need by holding business meetings, giving them resources on products and compensation, and keeping in CONSTANT contact with them.

Without feeding the fire, the flame will slowly burn out – so don’t ever let it fade away in your business builders. Without them, you cannot move up in ranks. Encourage them daily to keep up the good work, and recognize their efforts openly with your other Young Living members. The key to building a strong downline is duplication. You must train and encourage your business builders to do the same thing you’re doing in order to see results, and ultimately hit Silver.

5) Strategically Placing

Many people use the term “strategically placing” in network marketing to symbolize the placement one of your new distributors underneath one of your business builders. In this, you would remain the enroller, but one of your business builders would be listed as the sponsor. However, understand that doing this is strategic, critical, and thoughtfully placed.

When it comes to strategically placing, we recommend ONLY doing so under your business builders. That’s it. If you place new members underneath someone who is not working the business, it will more than likely hinder your growth rather than maximize it. As my husband likes to say, you’d be putting them under a “dead leg.” If you notice one of your business builders is working incredibly hard and needs a little bit of encouragement, or is close to hitting a certain level, placing a new member underneath them could be something you can consider. 

In order to hit Silver, you must have an OGV (organization group volume) of 10,000, with two legs underneath you at 4,000, plus another 1,000 outside of those two big legs. So, although it can be highly beneficial to place people underneath one of your big business builders, it’s also important to continue signing people up directly underneath you, creating new potential legs. As you continue to move beyond Silver, you’ll need more business builders on your first level to hit even higher ranks.

6) Give God the Glory

This may not be the most conventional way to end a blog like this, but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that without God’s help, we could have never hit Silver on our own. He is the One who brought people to us who needed these oils and products. He is the One who blessed us with business builders who have tirelessly persevered in growing their own businesses. And He is the One who deserves all the glory and honor for any and all accomplishments we have made. To us, it’s as simple as that. He gave us the drive, and He gave us the tools to succeed.

If you work to achieve all six of these tips, your chances of hitting Silver in 6 are not only possible, but undeniable. What once looked like a cloud of dreams will turn into a silver lining of hope. So grab a hold of the Son, and work victoriously!

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