Why I Gave Up on my News Anchor Dreams


My life wasn't supposed to be this way.

It was expected that I'd pursue television forever. It was expected that news would be my life-long gig. It was expected that New York or L.A. or Capitol Hill would be where I ended up one day.

After all, that's the only thing I was prepared for. Hours upon hours of studying and researching. Months upon months of high school and university extracurriculars. Years upon years of internships and workshops and part-time jobs, all focusing on one thing:

The television industry.

Video, recording, editing, producing, writing, reporting, and anchoring. Every bit of it - I was immersed. 

So it only made sense that television was what God wanted for me, right? What He had planned? I mean, what else did He want, if He allowed me to so extensively prepare for THIS - and ONLY this?

After graduating from Trinity University, I began my first gig as an on-camera reporter for a CBS affiliate news station. It was perfect. Exactly the job I expected to begin my adult life - with hopes of moving up the ladder to work for a bigger market with a larger audience one day.

But while the position was ideal - my personal life was not.


I was sick - physically. I'd literally catch everything under the sun. Missed more days of work than I can even count.

I was empty - emotionally, spiritually. I was so desperate to numb the excruciating pain of tragic deaths and heartbreaks I had recently experienced - that searching for distractions was so much easier than searching for Jesus.

I was struggling - financially. I only made enough money to pay for rent and apartment utilities. And saving money? Laughable. Impossible. 

My life wasn't supposed to be this way.


Fast forward a series of months.

I surrendered myself, and re-dedicated my life to Jesus.

I met Blaine.

We got married. 

I quit my current news job and searched for another one in Dallas / Fort Worth. 

I expected I'd find health by living and working in a different environment. I expected I'd find emotional and spiritual wholeness through the happiness of marriage and getting involved in church. I expected I'd find financial stability with a new TV job, plus with my new husband's income too. 

But I was wrong.

I was still sick - physically. My health was a joke - and going to the doctor was becoming an all-too-often occurrence.

I was still empty - emotionally, spiritually. I wasn't finding the happiness I expected during that first (hard) year of marriage, and I was angry that God wasn't making things better. In fact, things were getting worse.

We were still struggling - financially. No one wanted to hire me in the television industry, and Blaine was also let go from his job at the same time. Our savings were dwindling, and we were terrified.

My life wasn't supposed to be this way.

Fast forward another series of months.

Blaine and I went through a powerful weekend of deliverance and a miraculous time of marriage restoration.

We surprisingly, and unexpectedly, got pregnant.

Blaine landed another promising job/gig.

And I went to a class...

Yes. A class. About this company called Young Living that apparently had stuff that could help me. They had natural products and essential oils that could keep me healthy, even strengthen my relationships and emotions.

I went ahead and got a starter kit. Just to see if this stuff would work for me in my personal life - just to see if they'd help me with my physical body. That's all I wanted - because I was desperate.

And you know what...it worked. BIG TIME. 

I started telling my friends about what was happening with all of us. How these plants that God has given us since the beginning of time could work for them too - physically, emotionally, spiritually - just like it was doing for me.

And with that - wellness, purpose, and abundance were starting to creep into our lives.

All because of ONE decision - because of that little starter kit

My life wasn't supposed to be this way.


Throughout that time, I still hadn't given up on my news anchor dreams.

I was still putting in applications. Still searching for jobs. Still longing to find something in the television industry that would make me feel like my years of experience weren't an entire waste of time.

And, still, I was being rejected. Over, and over, and over.

And just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, Blaine and I were then faced with a large burden.

We had $1,700 in taxes to pay. And we were terrified.

We had no idea how we were going to do this. Every penny Blaine made was going towards us just - surviving. Scraping by. Just so we could stay afloat with a roof over our head and food in the fridge.

We didn't know what to do. We just threw our hands up, surrendered, and ask God for a downright miracle.

It was then - that God did something. 

In the midst of all of my job hunting, God was providing in a way I couldn't see.

I didn't fully understand that I would soon - get PAID - just for telling my friends about those crazy ol' oils.

I didn't fully realize that by simply referring people to use this stuff, too, that a God-check was being invisibly accumulated.

Just days before we had to pay those taxes, I went down to the mailbox at our old apartment complex. I noticed in that thick pile of coupons and bills - a letter - addressed to me - from Young Living.

And there it was. That God-check. And for the exact amount we needed to pay our taxes.


It's been 4 years now. And though I'm not in the television industry - my former dreams were replaced with something else.

I'm a mommy - raising my babies at home - which, unbeknownst to me, has always been the desire of my heart.

And God's dream for us - what He wanted - was to see us well. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. And He did that for us in the most unexpected way - through Young Living.

But on top of that, God also wanted our family to be well financially, too - and He did that. Through Young Living, too.

In fact, I'm about to share something with you that scares me. Scares me a whole lot. But you need to see this.

I'm going to show you exactly how God has worked financially in the lives of our friends, our family...and us, too.

And before I do, let me be clear - this is simply a compensation plan that reveals what ANYONE can benefit from. Not just me, not just people I know.

To give you an idea - today - one of my immediate family members is making an Executive income, one of my childhood friends is making a Silver income, an in-law of mine is making Gold income, we are making Platinum income, another in-law of mine is making Diamond income, and we have countless friends who are making Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond income - all through Young Living.

And to see what that means numbers-wise, just look here at the monthly averages. And yes, I said monthly.

Our lives weren't supposed to be this way.


I don't tell you about these God-like blessings with a braggart's heart - because I hate that kind of stuff. I don't tell you these things for you to feel like "oh, cool, good for y'all, but it ain't happening for me."

I share this aspect of my story, because you might have thought the same thing - "My life isn't supposed to be this way."

You may be struggling, too - just like I was.

And I'm here to tell you - I know the answer lies within one simple decision for you - just like it did for me. Just like it did for all of us in our family.

If you are seeking wellness physically.

If you are seeking wholeness emotionally, spiritually.

There is something - yes, from Young Living - designed to support your body systems in the most perfect and powerful way. Just get a starter kit. Let it help you, just like it did for me, and hundreds of my friends.

And if you are seeking freedom financially. 

Just try something for me. Again - get one of the super affordable starter kits. Use the stuff. Let it help you. Tell your friends. And let the company pay you for referring. That's it. 


I don't think it's any accident that you read this.

If you made it through the end, to this part - it's because you were supposed to.

I also know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, without even knowing your full story - that you're currently dealing with at least one of the struggles I mentioned above. And let me tell you...

Your life isn't supposed to be this way.

The answer is right here, guys. It's right here in front of your face. It was for us. It is for you too.

The physical, emotional, financial, spiritual freedom you've been longing for - it's all encompassed in this post.

And this company - Young Living - has filled those cups. In every single way.

I don't need to convince you of anything - but I felt like if I didn't write this, if I didn't share what's happened with us, if I didn't tell you why I gave up on my news anchor dreams because of what God has done - then my story would be pointless, useless, and would do nothing to help you, or your family.

Our lives never turn out the way it was "supposed to be" in our own minds. 

Because God's desires, and plans, for your life - are perfect.

I gave up on my news anchor dreams. But only because God had something different. And He could have something different for you, too.

He wants you whole. He wants you well. He wants you happy. He wants you thriving.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

Today's the day things can change for you. So let it.

Get a starter kit. Let me help you figure this out.

And let God do the rest.