Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, the Rose Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere. It disperses a mist mixture of water and essential oils into the air, and is a healthy alternative to toxic candles and air fresheners.

Not only is this a popular in-home product, but diffusing Young Living Essential Oils has increasingly become highly embraced in clinics, offices, and classrooms across the world. Because realize this - when you diffuse, essential oil molecules are dispersed into the air, and we breathe them in, they land on our skin, they land on the carpets, countertops, walls, cushions and chairs. And with all the therapeutic benefits that essential oils possess to support your health, can you imagine how great it is to have those molecules circulating your atmosphere? Those molecules immediately get to work for you and everyone else in reach. By all means, DIFFUSE. And diffuse as often as you can!


More than just for aroma purposes, diffusers also function as a humidifier and atomizer in one simple-to-use product. Not only can you use this as a pure, plant based replacement for all the other products in your home that are supposed to "make it smell good," most people don't realize that by diffusing essential oils, you are greatly benefiting your health as well. Depending on which essential oils you choose to diffuse, you can:
-Purify the air
-Eliminate odors
-Support healthy breathing
-Support overall wellness
-Elevate moods
-Bring alertness and concentration
-Support restful sleep
-Elevate creative thoughts
...and the list goes on and on!


The Rose Diffuser is very easy to use. Simply remove the lid, add water up to the maximum line, then add in drops of essential oils into the water (I usually do around 4-10 drops, depending on how strong I want it to smell), and turn it on.

Since the mixture is heavily diluted with the water, you can diffuse all day, every day, if you want to. I, personally, have 3 diffusers in my home - one in the living room and two in separate bedrooms.

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