RC is a blend of myrtle, marjoram, pine, lavender, cypress, black spruce, peppermint, and three different types of eucalyptus essential oils (globulus, radiata, and citriodora). It is one of the most popular essential oils that Young Living has for healthy breathing, and some even say the "R" in "RC" stands for respiratory! Considering a blend that has this many different powerful essential oils, the aroma itself leaves you feeling invigorated and highly supported! Look all of those ingredients up on your own time, and check out how amazing they can be to support your wellness. 

Because of Young Living's seed to seal process, you know that the only thing you're getting inside that bottle is the plant ingredients themselves. Nothing else.


RC is popularly known for being a fan favorite for those who just want to BREATHE! For those who would love to enjoy being outside during seasonal changes! For those who would love to inhale and exhale without a care in the world! But, of course, like all other essential oils from Young Living, the benefits don't stop there. Check out this list on what RC can do for you:
-Supports healthy lungs
-Invigorating after a hard workout
-Comforting and nurturing aroma
-Supports healthy skin coloration
-Promotes a relaxed mind
-Supports a healthy chest and throat
-Supports overall wellness
...and the list goes on and on! 


RC essential oil is best experienced when diffused, applied, or inhaled directly. 

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