Young Living's Peppermint essential oil has been widely studied for its potential health benefits, and is a favorite for people all around the world.  It is also so potent and pure, that only 1 drop delivers the effectiveness of over 26 cups of pure peppermint tea! 

Peppermint's primary active component - menthol - is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the peppermint plant. After you read this, look up menthol for yourself and see how awesome it can be for your health and wellness! 
Peppermint is also another one of the most popular essential oils on the market, and seemingly appears to be available just about anywhere - but beware, not all essential oils are created equal!
If you were to walk into your local health food store and pick up a different brand of Peppermint essential oil from the shelf, you might notice that it also says "100% pure" on the bottle. That means it should be just as good as YL if its labeled that way, right? WRONG! 
If you flip the bottle over, you'll read in fine print that it says "do not ingest - for topical use only - for aromatic use only." That right there is your RED FLAG that it is not even remotely the same as Young Living. Unfortunately, store bought essential oils are only required to have a small percentage of 100% pure essential oil in order to be labeled 100% pure. The remainder of the ingredients are chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, and additives that have adulterated the essential oil's purity, making it very unsafe to ingest. 
You also have to think about it this way - if you go outside and pick a peppermint leaf from the garden, you should be able to eat it. This goes for the essential oil form, too! You should be able to take that essential oil internally if there is truly only peppermint inside that bottle. 
Young Living's Peppermint Vitality is the best and purest form of peppermint on the planet for internal use, even more powerful than the dried herb itself. By peeling back the label, you can see a supplement facts list, proving that this is indeed a dietary supplement, rigorously tested and carefully extracted in a pure, untouched, and unadulterated way.

Because of Young Living's seed to seal process, you know that the only thing you're getting inside that bottle is Peppermint. Not Peppermint and some imaginary friends.


Because Peppermint has been the subject of many studies over the years, the research behind this powerful essential oil is very abundant. Even if you did a simple google search on the uses for peppermint, you might be overwhelmed by its uses to support the body. Here is just a small list of what it can do:
-Supports and soothes digestion
-Supports respiratory health
-Promotes healthy intestinal function
-May improve concentration and mental sharpness
-Helps curb the appetite
-Enhances the flavor of food and water
-Cools the body down
-Soothes muscles after a long workout
-Helps moms get through those first trimester mornings
-Supports the urinary tract
...and the list goes on and on! 


Peppermint Vitality essential oil is best experienced when taken internally. Add drops to your beverage, recipes, clear vegetable capsules, or directly into the mouth. 

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