The name “Jasmine” comes from the Persian word “Yasmin,” a popular cultural name for a woman - hence why this aroma is so pleasing to women. Jasmine essential oil is extracted from the flower of the plant itself.

But here’s a fun fact – when Young Living harvests the Jasmine flowers, they do so at night. This is because the fragrance of the flowers are much stronger in the evening than during the day. Because of this, Jasmine is commonly called the “Moonlight of the Grove” or the “Queen of the Night.”

This particular essential oil is definitely one of the pricier oils out there, but that is because the Jasmine extraction process is very strenuous and requires a lot of plant material. To make just one pound of Young Living’s Jasmine essential oil, it takes 1,000 pounds of Jasmine, or 3.6 million blossoms!

Jasmine essential oil is also found in other Young Living products, like Clarity, Into the Future, and Live with Passion.

This oil also has well over 100 powerful chemical constituents in it that you should research on your own time, which could also explain how this oil does so many of these wonderful things for your mind, body, and spirit. Some constituents include:
-Benzyl Acetate
-Methyl Anthralilate

Young Living's Jasmine essential oil has only one ingredient - Jasmine!
100% pure, genuine, therapeutic grade essential oil. No artificial fillers, chemicals, additives, or preservatives, or any additional ingredients.


Jasmine essential oil is known to do wonderful things for the health of both men and women, including:
-Promoting confidence
-Producing a warm sensation when applied to the skin
-Alluring and seductive aroma
-Rekindling feelings of love
-Promoting strong relational bonds
-Reducing worries or insecurities
-Reducing feelings of inadequacy
-Bringing relief during PMS
-Supporting healthy skin
-Boosting libido
...and so much more!


Jasmine Essential Oil is best experienced when diffused, applied, or inhaled directly. 

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