DiGize is a blend that is super important for everyone to have, because it can support the systems of everyone in the home - moms, dads, grandparents, kids, and animals alike. DiGize is one of Young Living's exclusive and proprietary essential oils, and inside this blend are powerful plants - so powerful, that many have found they can't be without DiGize as a part of their daily health regimen! 
This unique blend contains ginger, anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli, and juniper essential oils. It also includes naturally occurring constituents like menthol, citrol, and zingiberen. Look those constituents up on your own time - do a quick google search on those compounds. You will be so excited to see their benefits for your body!

Because of Young Living's seed to seal process, you know that the only thing you're getting inside that bottle is the plant ingredients themselves. Nothing else.


DiGize is commonly known as "your tummy's best friend."
It is by far one of the most potent and powerful things my family has ever used to support everything in your stomach. Does it smell good you ask? In my opinion - no. It smells awful. But hey, these oils aren't made to smell good. They're made to work! 
Check out this list of things that DiGize can do:
-Supports digestive health
-Supports healthy bathroom visits
-Supports respiratory health
-Supports overall wellness
-Supports normal detoxification of the body
-Supports energy levels
...and the list goes on and on! 


DiGize essential oil is best experienced when diffused, applied, or inhaled directly. 

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