Young Living's Bergamot essential oil comes from the rind of a bergamot, which is a citrus fruit the size of an orange but with the fruit color of a lemon. A bergamot tree only blossoms during the winter. It has been popularly known for centuries to use bergamot peel extract in many perfumes because of how amazing it smells. In fact, approximately 1/3 of men's cologne and 1/2 of women's perfume contain an essence of bergamot. Many have also used bergamot extract or essential oil to support places on their skin. But also, bergamot has been used to flavor Earl Gray and Lady Grey teas.

Bergamot essential oil in its purest form, however, is one of the most highly photosensitive essential oils out there. Do not be applying this to your skin whatsoever if you plan to go outside at all. If for some reason you get any on your skin, wait at least 24-48 hours before excessive sun exposure.

Young Living's Bergamot essential oil has only one ingredient - Bergamot!
100% pure, genuine, therapeutic grade essential oil. No artificial fillers, chemicals, additives, or preservatives, or any additional ingredients.


Bergamot Essential Oil, like all of Young Living's essential oils, has an extremely wide range of uses - from benefitting your skin, to making you happier! Bergamot is most famous for:
-Having a rich floral/fruity aroma (by far my favorite smelling oil)
-Supporting the look of your skin
-Supporting moods and spirits
-Encouraging creative thoughts
-Supporting women's hormonal health
-Boosting confidence and self esteem
-Promotes positive thinking
...and so much more!


Bergamot Essential Oil is best experienced when diffused, applied, or inhaled directly. 

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